How does monitoring report on streaming errors

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note: UPDATE in release
Currently, is in beta release of full error reporting. Very shortly within the Channel Monitoring Dashboard, we will be providing verbose error reporting per channel under monitor. Error reporting will be provided on the channel detail data view, per geo location and listed for each sample or probing interval. A console listing of all errors will be provided in the bottom section of the detail view modal. CSV, PDF, text download options will be provided.
All these error options are currently available through API integration to enterprise clients.

The streamtest monitoring service reports on deviations of predetermined sampling or probing data on any stream (also referred to as channel) under monitor.
Some deviations may be considered large enough to place the stream in error.
The account owner or user is able to set specific points of data to be placed under monitoring.

Without customization Streamtest alerts on stream/channel on/off connect / disconnect. If the streaming channels under monitor is samples or probed and does not receive data back the monitoring service will consider the stream off and will create an alert.


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