How does the monitoring alerts function

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An alert system is built into the StreamTest Monitoring service. Whenever certain parameters or streaming conditions are met an alert may be sent to an account owner or representative advising them of the alert condition.

Currently the email / SMS alerts have a graduated sending procedure. When the stream is constantly failing (going off) instead of sending an alert every time the alert timing interval doubles. 1st email alert at 2 minutes offline 2nd email alert at 4 minutes offline 3rd email alert at 8 minutes offline

When a probe detects that a stream is offline a second probe is immediately run against the stream to verify the stream is offline before sending an email or SMS alert.

In order to reset your alert interval back to zero, click on the edit ('pencil' icon) button for your stream monitor. The Edit Stream modal includes an "Alert Interval" button, which will notify you of a successful interval reset once clicked.

To add email alerts to your stream do the following:

  • Log into the monitoring system here
  • Select the "Edit this monitor" button next to the stream you wish to add an alert to.
  • In the "Alert Email:" field add your desired email and press "Save"
  • You will now be alerted if the stream fails and goes offline.

These alerts may be customized to meet specific needs, please contact us