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A direct link to your stream is required for Load Testing.
Providing a link to a page with a player embedded within it will not allow StreamTest.net to Load Test your streams.

The Streaming URLs need to be the same URLs that would be used inside your streaming player.
These streaming links should be same / similar to the examples provided below.

The StreamTest LoadTest supports the following formats:

  • RTMP (rtmp://server1.yourhost.net/channel/stream)

Additional troubleshooting information:

  • Keeping your links as short and simple as possible is ideal as there may be some cases where the streaming URL may be truncated and cause an incomplete test result.
  • Links using secure tokens may have a time limit within which they will remain valid, please ensure your token will be valid long enough for the test to begin.

See our StreamTest Diagnostic test [1]supported formats for more information on Diagnostic test requirements.


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