What do the monitoring dashboard summary charts represent

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Each channel on the monitoring dashboard contain summary lines also known to as sparklines. These sparklines represent the most current status of the streaming channel under monitor.

Some specifics about how the sparklines work:

  1. they only represent the last 75 probes (or less if the channel is very new) completed on the streaming URL
    1. these are represented on the x-axis of the sparklines
  2. they are not representative over time
  3. you can mouse over to get specific drill down information
  4. currently the sparklines represent:
    1. streaming kbps and
    2. TTP (Time to Play)
  5. if any of the channels (streaming link) have more than one Geo location under monitor the sparklines will represent an average of all the data received at each geo location at the simultaneous probe interval
  6. click on the sparkline to drill down to channel monitoring details

These channel monitoring summary charts may be customized to meet the clients specific needs.