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What is Streamtest.net's Encoder Testing Service?
It is a streaming test service that allows live streaming broadcasters to measure and verify the outbound internet connection from the broadcast encoder to the cloud or Content Delivery Network (CDN) is stable.

Often when setting up for a live streaming session it is difficult to determine and confirm that network conditions between the encoder and CDN are perfect. Simply having a working encoder is not enough. Relying on humans to provide test results from remote locations, downstream of the CDN to "test the stream" is not providing an accurate assessment of the actual encoded streaming (broadcast) conditions. Any tester getting the broadcast from a CDN could be experiencing some localized last mile issues effecting the streaming experience. This could result in false information.
Encodertest solves all these issues. It is particularly useful in verifying the internet connection at an event venue is capable of handling a streaming broadcast requirements well prior to the event.

How does the Encoder Testing service work?
StreamTest.net has specifically designed and built, highly powerful, customized virtual streaming user test platform that consists of a measuring application and a test results program. This is test platform is installed on multiple CDN locations throughout the globe. When the Streamtest encodertest is activated a version of the test platform will connect, sample, measure and provide stream connection results in real time back to the broadcaster.

The EncoderTest captures the following information during a broadcast:

  • Encoder IP
  • Duration
  • Frame-rate
  • Audio Data Rate
  • Video Data Rate
  • Video Key Frame Frequency

As well as the following more advanced features available:

  • Stream information every second
  • Re-stream / relay to a CDN ingestion point*
  • Local ingestion location for testing*

The EncoderTest is compatible with any RTMP based encoders such as:

  • Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
  • Newtek Tricaster
  • Teradek
  • Niagara
  • Digital Rapids
  • And many more

Re-stream/relay compatibility:

  • Livestream*
  • YouTube*
  • Brightcove*
  • = Feature in progress/contact us for more information