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The basic streamtest results page is main customer/viewer information page displayed after completing the StreamTest Diagnostic testing service.

This StreamTest Basic results page is designed specifically for the non technical customer/viewer streaming user.

  • Specifically designed as a communication page. Layout focused on conveying test results and possible actionables in an easy to read, easy top understand easy to do style
  • Designed for the non-technical customer
  • Top to bottom hierarchy - most important to less important. Helps customer/viewer user prioritize actionables
  • Grade school test results letter rating – easily recognizable and universally understood
  • Test errors listed in order of importance and colour coded for intensity level
  • Clearly defined customer/viewer user section. This location of the test results page clearly identifies this test result as “theirs” (the customer/viewer) they can clearly see their information (ISP, IP address, website, rating and rating comments, etc.) within the test page. The thumbnail / snapshot shows the video they were viewing.
  • Remaining sections show many elements that responsible for the best streaming experience – not focused on just one element (ISP, Broadcaster, Service provider or end user) that may responsible for the best streaming experience
  • each section is clearly labeled.
    • A test result as a percentage is provided.
    • Description of the section and the reason it is part of the test
    • test results - faults found, if any, are listed
    • if any upgrades / updates are needed they are presented as an actionable red button labelled "FIX"
  • Highlights some basic work the customer might need to do in order to improve their experience. One "click of a button" actions needed
  • The retest button provides easy method to run repeated tests on the same stream to see noticable improvements in their streaming experience. Of even greater benefit with "retest" is the customer/viewer end user's ability to ensure their set up is showing 100% prior to sending a poor streaming experience report to "tech support" for help. This will save any tech department significant time when diagnosing customer/viewer end user streaming problems
  • Can be used to invite feedback and engagement while reinforcing branding