What is the best streaming link to use to demo streamtest

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The best kind of streaming link to use for a streamtest demonstration account is:

  • clean and simple - rtmp://server1.streamtest.net/channel/stream
  • short as possible - there may be some cases where the streaming URL may be truncated and this will cause an incomplete test result
  • as few special characters (% ^ $ # @ & ~ etc) as possible
  • no spaces - this will cause an incomplete test result
  • no DRM protection see [1]
  • no Obfuscation see [2]
  • no Encryption see [3]
  • no token authentication - if token authentication is required for testing please see [4]
  • live or on demand
  • no ref tags
  • preferred streaming media formats of:
    • RTMP
    • HTTP HLS

Please see:

  1. Browser Test Supported formats [5] or
  2. Monitor Testing Formats [6]

for additional information and supported formats.

If there is a streaming link that is not working in your test please forward to support@streamtest.net


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