What is it?

StreamTest.net is an easy to use streaming media utility for broadcasters and audiences alike. Ultimately it measures the audience’s streaming experience. The results of that experience can be used to troubleshoot any problems with the end user’s favorite stream. StreamTest.net was created by the same people that run NetroMedia.com, a global CDN. StreamTest.net is the perfect stream testing tool developed using the latest cloud scaling technologies along with over a decade of streaming media experience.

How does it work?

Users / Audience

Copy and Paste the URL into test bar on the home page.


Click on the “Test the stream” badge (examples here) found on websites everywhere.


1. Register or login.

2. Pick and choose the best StreamTest.net test badge for your company

3. Add the Badge code snippet to your website

What does it do?

Streamtest.net measures the end user’s video streaming experience. Test results show every step and service provider involved in getting the stream to the audience device.

Streamtest.net measures and rates the end user’s streaming experience through every service provider involved in delivering the stream to the audience device.

Streamtest.net provides guidance and answers for solving streaming problems.

Who is it for?

Every stakeholder in the streaming media ecosystem.

1. Audience (end users)

2. Broadcasters

3. ISP's

4. CDN's

Streamtest.net was built for the end user but benefits the broadcaster.

Anyone with an audio or video player on their website.

Anyone that uses an audio or video player to stream media.

What does it solve for the audience?

Users / Audience

Why doesn’t my stream work?

Is it me or them?

Is it my bandwidth connection or theirs?

How to fix my streaming problem?

Who should I call to fix my streaming problem?

What can I show providers to prove the streaming problem isn’t mine?

How can I show my ISP (video provider) what is my streaming problem? Send them the streamtest report.

Rate my streaming experience – add your voice and vote to your streaming experience. The streamtest rating tool gives you the ability to rate the stream.

Share with others – social interaction tools are built right into the streamtest results page. Share real data with all streaming media stakeholders direct from the results page. No anecdotes – real information in real time

Streamtest.net helps viewers understand the conditions of their streaming experience. Good or Bad. StreamTest.net reports in transparent fashion the common streaming problems experienced by both audience members everywhere.

What does it solve for the broadcaster?


1. SAVES MONEY on tech support and streaming troubleshooting – end the nuisance complaint. No more long hours spent on diagnosing a problem you can’t find, see or experience.

a) Ask your users to send a streamtest report

b) Send your users the streamtest link – “Click here to test”

c) Make streamtest your front line tech support

2. Brand Protection – often poor streaming experience is blamed on the broadcaster. Streamtest.net shows everyone the problem with the end user (audience) experience.

3. Empower your audience – give your viewer / users the best tool “out there” to help diagnose and solve whatever streaming experience issues they might have. Streamtest.net is a recognized and trusted measurement resource.

4. Control the messaging – get in front and stay in front of any problems. Know any audience issues when they arise NOT after.

What does it work with?

Anything. It's 100% REST based and there are convertor methods which easily integrate with all the major monitoring systems.

Who built this?

NetroMedia Streaming Services, a veteran CDN, is the incubator for this very exciting start up company. Under the leadership of NetroMedia Founder and CTO, Matthew Carson, NetroMedia developers took all the tools and technology developed since 2000 and rolled them into a simple REST based website. This API driven development and (user interface) UI process allows anyone to use this leading edge, streaming industry technology.

William Hetherington

Head Of Systems

Scott Bell

Head Of Development

Matthew Carson


Jared Mattson

Head Of UX

Che Pinkerton