Stream Test Diagnostic



What is streaming diagnostic service?

It is an easy to use streaming media utility for broadcasters and viewers alike. Built by a streaming services company, by streaming specialist engineers for the streaming industry. This streaming test service measures the end users Quality of Streaming Experience. It helps solve buffer rage and answers the frequently asked question "is it me or them?" We create test results that are of value to all stakeholders in the streaming process:

  • Broadcasters
  • ISP's
  • CDN's
  • Audiences reports in transparent fashion the common streaming problems. Broadcasters use it to simulate and measure their audience‚Äôs streaming experience from around the globe. Viewers can use it to troubleshoot problems with their favorite streaming video. It helps everyone involved understand the conditions of their streaming experience. Good or Bad.

How does it work? has specifically designed and built a highly powerful and unique steaming test platform that consists of a measuring application and a test results program. Once diagnostic platform has been activated it measures the end user's streaming experience by accessing and sampling hundreds of relevant test perimeters and data points that make up a single user's streaming experience while the end user is actually streaming.

Equally important to this process is the Results program. Once the seconds long test has been completed all the data gathered is calculated and rendered into an organized and relevant fashion suitable for the many stakeholders that exist within the streaming media ecosystem. The key, from our position, is to create test results that when read are meaningful, provide both information and direction, even presenting solutions where applicable.

Streamtest Diagnostic information are rendered in two results pages:

  1. Basic - low technical barrier. Ideal for the end user or audience member
  2. Advanced - for the more technically inclined. Great for broadcaster tech departments, ISPs, CDN's etc.

And unique to the industry! Streamtest displays this information on one URL that can be shared with all streaming stakeholders. It never changes.


  1. Brand Protection - no matter who is streaming content if the end user has a poor streaming experience this benefits no one.
  2. Responsiveness - the streamtest option shows the end user that you the broadcaster are trying to help
  3. Save Money - End Nuisance complaints - tech departments save a ton of time by using streamtest with their audiences. either by providing the end user with a badge to click, player integration or even sending the end user a test link the end results means the tech department can quickly identify any issues. Since time is money - Streamtest saves money.
  4. All streaming stakeholders win with common shared information
  5. Better streaming experience


  1. Easy to use by everyone:
  2. easy to understand. Test results are rendered and presented in such a way as to appeal to all stakeholders in the streaming media ecosystem. Whether you are a first time viewer or industry engineer streamtest results pages will have pertinent and relevant information that will help you understand (and fix if needed) your streaming experience.
  3. Single URL Test result - industry first industry unique. A single URL test result allows everyone communicating about the streaming test result to working off the same page - literally.
  4. Customization - broadcasters can fully customize and brand the end users test experience
  5. Privacy considerations - some test results and information is not acceptable as public information depending on the location of the tester. Many sensitive pieces of test information may be omitted as required by law or the broadcaster T&C's
  6. 300 plus data points of testing

Integration Options

Option 1: Auto Integration

Option 2: Simple Single-Integration

Option 3: Custom Integration

Option 4: Direct Player integration

Option 5: StreamTest Lite


Customize your player badge so users can test your stream.

Get Started

Custom Options:

  • Custom logo
  • Player/Help icon
  • Data retention period
  • Escalate/Submit to CRM
  • Favicon
  • Test duration
  • Custom DNS
  • Email response

Upcoming Features

Quality of experience score 24/7 support
CRM integration (Zendesk) Live test mode
Monthly report Custom metrics
Alerting system Grey out display fields
Real-Time chat integration Control which data is collected


What streaming formats does streamtest support?

StreamTest supports RTMP, DASH served by Azure Media Server, HTTP HLS, HTTP HDS, and Progressive download H.264. For more info on compatibility, see the Full FAQ

How can I add streamtest to my website?

There are a number of ways to integrate StreamTest features with your website or app, ranging from a simple website badge to full player integration. See the Full FAQ for available options.

How can I see all stream tests completed on my website or streams?

You must have Registered first and have added the streamtest badge to your website or player.   Full FAQ

Can I add streamtest to my website without using my videos or a generic video?

Yes, you can embed StreamTest Lite to test for video playback capability without a video embed.    StreamTest Lite

What is the basic test results page?

The basic streamtest results page is main customer/viewer information page displayed after completing the StreamTest Diagnostic testing service.    Full FAQ

What is the advanced test page?

The basic streamtest results page is technical section of the main information page displayed after completing the Browser Diagnostic testing service.    Full FAQ

How do I add streamtest to my streaming player?

It is very simple to add StreamTest to your website and your website's (video) streaming player. See the Full FAQ for details.