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PT Telkom Indonesia


Chrome 0 %



Release Date: Sep 18, 13

You are 26 versions out of date

An outdated browser can negatively affect the performance of your video playback, and could be missing important features required for certain types of video streams.



Operating System

Windows XP 25 %

Windows XP


Release Date: Oct 25, 01

You are 5 versions out of date

Your operating system is outdated and unlikely to receive updates to imrpove or fix playback for streaming video.



Internet Speed

1.82 Mbps 60%

Download: Sub-Standard Video

Upload: Pass

Latency: Pass

Test Server: Jakarta

Your download speed is the rate at which you can receive media content. A higher download speed allows you to receive higher quality (larger) content. Upload speed doesn't have as drastic of an effect on your viewing experience, but a minumum upload rate is required to 'respond' to the server offering your video stream. Latency and Jitter refer to the time it takes for each communication between you and the server offering the stream.


Adobe Flash

Flash 11.9 0%

Adobe Flash

Version: Flash 11.9 Beta

Release Date: Dec 10, 13

You are 9 versions out of date

Adobe Flash Player is a browser plugin used to stream and view video, audio and multimedia and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) on a computer or supported mobile device.

View release notes for your version




PT Telkom Indonesia 59%

PT Telkom Indonesia

Your internet provider (ISP) is the gateway between your device and the video stream. Network issues are the most common cause of streaming problems, like excessive buffering or loss of quality.


Site Test Incomplete


0 Buffering Events 100%

Buffering occurs when the media you're viewing has played out faster than your device can download it, causing it to stop and wait for the next chunk of data to become available.

Buffering is an issue specific to your internet connection, and not the speed or capability of the device you're viewing on.