The lists below represent supported stream types for both example sites and protocols. Due to the intricacies of testing streams using various security and protocol systems, a particular stream may not work despite displaying as supported. If your stream does not work despite appearing as supported, please contact us and our technical team will work to add support shortly.

Site Url Example Note Supported
Adult Swim Verified Feb 5, 2015 - Geolocation Limited Verified Feb 5, 2015
NFL Verified Feb 6, 2015
Fox News Verified Feb 5, 2015
MLB Verified Feb 6, 2015
Brightcove Verified Feb 5, 2015
LiveLeak Verified Feb 6, 2015
NBA Verified Feb 6, 2015
Game Trailers Verified Feb 5, 2015
Netromedia rtmp:// Verified Jan 15, 2015
Discovery Verified Feb 5, 2015
Cracked Verified March 2, 2015 - Get Url From Youtube Video On Page
Steam Verified Feb 6, 2015
RTE Verified Mar 2, 2015
Vimeo Verified Jan 15, 2015
College Humor Verified Feb 5, 2015
Youtube Verified Jan 15, 2015
Hitbox Verified Mar 2, 2015 - Videos Take Time To Load
Comedy Central Verified Feb 5, 2015
The Onion,37942/ Verified Feb 6, 2015
EllenTV Verified Feb 5, 2015
Aljazeera Support In Development
CNET Support In Development
CNN Support In Development
CBS News Support In Development
PBS Denied By Security
VH1 Denied By Security
CBS Denied By Security
8 Tracks Playlists Not Supported
IMDb Denied By Security
DailyMotion Denied By Security
NBC Denied By Security
Escapist Denied By Security - Ip Address Blocked
Livestream Denied By Security
Canalplus Format Not Supported
Facebook Video Denied By Security
BBC Not Supported
Bloomberg Denied By Security
NHL Not Supported