Streaming Video Diagnostic Results for people using SoftLayer Technologies in Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico

Use this list of test results from real users to help determine which is the best ISP for streaming video

All Tests

Date (UTC) Grade Thumbnail Name Region Site Isp
Mar 12 2018 85 streamtest-video-diagnostic-free-test-youtube2018-3-12-11-56-38 SoftLayer Technologies
Mar 11 2018 100 streamtest-video-diagnostic-free-test-youtube2018-3-11-15-52-28 SoftLayer Technologies
Mar 10 2018 100 rtmplive-api-afacebookcom80rtmp2018-3-10-22-11-34 SoftLayer Technologies
Jun 4 2016 79 rtmpjtvmediajtvcom1975livebigstream2016-6-4-23-2-1 SoftLayer Technologies